Tariff options «4G LTE»

By purchasing 4G LTE Router modem, you can connect to tariff «4G LTE»

Single paymentsPrices in Somoni
Activation of new cell phone number1
Advanced payment for communication service4
Total amount of single payments5
Monthly payments
Monthly fee0
Paid traffic volume (incoming / outgoing)0
For 1 MByte (from 07:00 till 24:00)0,10
For 1 MByte (from 24:00 till 07:00)0,10

Also you can purchase “4G Poytakht” packages at advantageous prices
Tariff options "4G Пойтахт"

  1. In order to activate this tariff plan you should purchase the separate SIM "MobiNet" ("MobiCard").

    In this case,the subscriber provides the following services:
    • 4G LTE.
    • System of USSD orders (check and replenishment of balance, time and date, etc.)
    • Incoming SMS-messages.
    And not available:
    • The voice and video calls.
    • Outgoing SMS/MMS messages.
  2. Charging of data transmission is performed for every 10 Kbytes of total traffic. The amount of data transfer is rounded up to 10 Kbytes in a larger direction.
  3. Incoming and outgoing traffic is summarized, at the same time 1 MB = 1024 Kb.
  4. The deactivation threshold is 0 TJS.
  5. If the total amount of data traffic for one session was less than 10 KB,this connection is canceled and not charged.
  6. In this tariff plan no any discounts is applied.
  7. Shifting of the Tariff Option is not available.
  8. In case of unsuccessful charging, the Subscriber fee for the number, paid additional services with insufficient funds on the subscriber's account and all paid actions will not function.

If you have any additional questions, you can contact to the call center of our company by number: ‎918 61-61-61.
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