USSD command system (balance verification #2001# and other service functions)

USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) — standard service in GSM networks. USSD-is the center of auxiliary data transmission, intended for high-speed interactive interaction between the subscriber and service - applications in GSM standard networks.

USSD is the technology allowing to organize high-speed exchange of information between subscriber and service application in real time. The main direction of use of USSD service — representation to subscribers of opportunity to obtain additional information from applications and management of these applications.

USSD works at all existing GSM standard phones. The service USSD provides the maximum transparency of tariffing of talk and the provided services as, You can obtain information on the rest on personal account in several seconds after inquiry. The volume of USSD of the message reaches 182 symbols.

Short numbers:

  • 2001 – check of balance
  • 2002 – transfer of PREPAID - cards;
  • 2003 – date and time;
  • 2004 – Management of services;
  • 2005 – SMS - money;
  • 2007 – call register (Somebody called you); voice mail
  • 2008 – The promised payment
  • 2009 – Favourite numbers
  • 2011 – WAP, ICQ;
  • 2012 – MMS, GPRS
  • 2013 – IN platform (black and white lists, a call at the expense of the friend)
  • 2015 – "Temporary number"

Also VIA USSD orders it is possible to check:

  • Quota we dial on display of mobile phone #2001*1# and we press call button
  • Charges for service GPRS using ( Mobile Internet) #2001*2# and call button
  • to learn information about date, time, the sum and type of the last payment #2001*3#

Advantages of USSD – commands from SMS – messages:

  • It is worth to remember number of center in phone, it isn't necessary to type the short message, it is enough to dial order and it looks as idle time is ringing, i.e. it is clear even to the inexperienced user
  • Speed of delivery of information when using USSD is higher, than speed at inquiry through the center of short messages.
  • USSD provides a possibility of the organization of interactive interaction with information supplements in real time, and time of the answer makes only 2-4 sec.
  • USSD message are displayed at once. In memory of the SIM card they don't remain, but some models of phones allow to write down these messages on SIM card. Thus, the SMS and USSD technologies don't compete, and mutually supplement possibilities of each other.

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