Transfer and receiving of data

What do you need?
- a computer (notebook or PC, with internal or external infrared port);
- special cable for connection the cell phone to the computer;
- a cell phone (the phone must have the function of data transfer via internal modem);
At the customer service department, the subscriber has to order the data transfer or fax transfer service (separately or together).
What do you need for data transferring?
You need to connect computer to the cell phone using the special cable or via the infrared port (there is one more way to connect which is via Bluetooth), to create a new modem in Windows software, to launch an Internet connection wizard, to create a new connection through this modem, to show the phone number of your Internet provider, login name and password, and to click on a newly created icon. After that,  the computer would order the phone to connect just through the data transfer channel (CSD). The switch, receiving the request, would connect a special codec and  set up a connection through dialed number. Meanwhile, you would not hear any beeps as a usual call. Just wait until Windows informs you about the next error, oops! ... about installed connection :). After that, you can work in Internet using any browser, and receive or send e-mails via your mail application.

Some cell phone models have embedded WAP browser.
(WAP – Wireless Application Protocol allows to have Internet access from the cell phones independently).
WAP browser allows you to visit the web-sties which are on the special WAP pages. Information of such pages is presented in easier way than on usual web pages. The cell phones having WAP browsers do not need to be connected to the computer, all information would be shown on the phone display. IMPORTANT: using such Internet access you have to connect just to WAP provider, because it should have WAP gateway on. As a rule, WAP provider is a GSM Network operator. Before installing WAP connection, you need to set up the cell phone. WAP setting menu is different and depends on the models of devices, and the setting details is usually described in the phone manual. In that menu you have to complete all related specific fields, for example: Call type, IP address, Home URL, etc. To obtain the information which should be entered into those fields, please,  refer to your GSM operator. After necessary data is completed, you need to choose appropriate menu item (for example, “Connect” or “Home”), and after a while, you would see a home WAP page, installed in the settings.
What do you need for data transferring?
You need to connect the computer to the phone using the cable or through the infrared port and to launch installed program for fax transmitting. To transmit faxes, follow the instructions of installed fax transmitting program.

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