SMS Money (Money transfer from one balance to another balance by usage of SMS)

SMS Money service allows subscribers to transfer funds from one balance to another user’s balance via SMS.
Subscribers can transfer a part of money from their balance to another subscribers’ balances by themselves.
For a start, you need to create ISMS password.

To create the password, you should send the following USSD command *2004#3***# where is digital sequence.
To transfer funds , send the following SMS (parameters are divided by spaces) to number 2005.

It is possible to transfer funds only at positive balance over 15 somoni. Maximum amount of transfer is 100 somoni. Balance after transfer must be at least 5 somoni. This service is not available for legal persons. Service costs 7 dirams including VAT and excise tax for each transfer.

Also, you can transfer funds from one balance to another user’s balance via ISMS (Internet System Management of Services). If you want to do it,you should to enter and key in/enter a phone number and ISMS password. Choose “Money transfer” item.

Money transfer rules through ISMS are similar with rules applied for money transfer through SMS.

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