MMS (Multimedia message service)

MMS (English Multimedia Message Service — service of multimedia messages) is a system of transfer \reception of multimedia messages (images, melodies, video) in networks of cellular communication, i.e. it is messages which except the usual text may contain pictures, photos, videos, voice records, music, animations etc. MMS message allows to transfer any kind content (Content - a product unit of measure for the cell phone (a melody, the picture, game, etc.)

Content (English content — contents) — is any information significant (substantial) filling of information resource (for example, the website) — texts, graphics, multimedia) which holds in MMS message. Unlike SMS where the size of the message is estimated in several bytes. There are restrictions for the size MMS message-in some cell phones you can send/receive - 100 kilobytes, and on newer models of phones and on smartphones - 300 KB.

Providing the service GPRS/MMS isn't guaranteed on not certified mobile phones.
The services "GPRS MMS" join to the subscriber automatically, upon connection/transition to any commercial tariff plan providing voice services.
At debt the entering MMS messages are available.
Charging/life term.

Regardless of location of the subscriber recipient for SMS/MMS money is written off at once.

In case the subscriber is inaccessible or phone off that, SMS/MMS in system burn down in 24 hours from the moment of sending Validity period text, multimedia, notices and "call me please" messages is 24 hours.

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