Caller ID and Caller ID barring

Caller ID service allows you to see a phone number of calling Babilon-Mobile’s subscriber on your phone display. You can easily adjust the service calling by phone or independently.

Using this service, you can see the phone number of calling subscriber before answering the call. This service helps you to follow all important calls.

How it works?

When you have the incoming call, the number of calling party is shown on your phone display. As soon as you see the number of calling party you can answer the call or allow the automatically forwarding of call to Voice mail (if it is enabled in your cell phone – see Call Forwarding or Voice mail sections). Caller ID ensures not to miss important calls.

Name of calling party on display. To identify the calling party easily, you can save names and phone numbers of frequent callers in your phone memory. If the name of calling party is saved in your phone memory, it would be shown on the phone display.

  • Not all cell phones can identify phone numbers

Displaying the number in waiting mode. If you have the incoming call while you are talking to another party you would be let know about the call by a beep and the phone number of calling party in waiting mode would be shown on the phone display.

Caller ID service also has advantages for calling party. If the party, who is called, does not answer, your phone number and your name would be saved in his phone memory and such called party would know about your call. Caller ID is offered on free of charge basis!

Caller ID barring

Caller ID barring service allows you to bar other subscribers to see your phone number when you are calling to them. You can adjust this service independently following the instructions given in your phone manual or in customer service department of the company on free of charge basis.

If you have any additional questions, you can contact to the call center of our company by number: ‎918 61-61-61.

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