VPN group



VPN service is intended for customers wishing to create their single virtual  corporate network. VPN group is a group of subscribers, communicating with each other using abbreviated (short) numbers assigned to every VPN member.
The service allows subscribers to abate costs and organize closed user groups.

Service opportunities

  • Abbreviated number support within the group (3-4 digits)
  • Abbreviated number identification support
  • SMS messages exchange between the group users by sending of SMS to abbreviated numbers of users with including the sign + (e.g. +001)
  • Incoming and outgoing call filter settings:  for subscribers of relative VPN group , the VPN administrator can disable or enable calls to certain directions – international, long distance calls, etc..
  • Abbreviated number setting for outside subscribers, not belonging to "Virtual Private Network " (VPN)  
  • VPN administrator assignment opportunity
  • Access level setting opportunity for group users.
    For instance, if the certain users get access level 1: subscriber can call other VPN subscribers and get calls only from the subscribers of this VPN group.
  • Timetable setting opportunity for access levels of group subscribers.
  • You can set up the specific time (e.g. day, week, etc.) for any type  of filter.


By written request from organization addressed to Customer Service Department.

Service cost

Monthly fee for single phone number, connected to VPN  is  6.80 somoni VAT included.

If you have any additional questions, you can contact to the call center of our company by number: ‎918 61-61-61.

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