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The service "Favourite Numbers" allows subscribers of TO "Dastras", "Foidanok", "ODDI", "Mahsus", "Faol", "Bobaror" and "Tojiron" to make calls to "Favourite numbers" within network are- 0 somoni, calls to other operators of RT - 50% of a tariff. Subscribers can add 5 of "Favourite numbers" in TP "Dastras", "Foidanok", "Faol", "Bobaror" and "Tojiron" to add 6 of "Favourite numbers" in TO "Oddi" and "Mahsus". "Favourite number" can be: number of CJSC Babilon-Mobile, number of any mobile operators of RT, and also any operator of a fixed telephony of RT.

To add "favourite number" it is necessary for you:

  • To dial on mobile phone USSD order: *2009#favourite number#
  • To add 2 and more of "Favourite numbers" it is necessary to dial the corresponding quantity of USSD orders.


  • Send the SMS to number 2009: subscriber number which you want to add to "Favourite numbers". For example: 918xxxxxx to 2009.
  • To add 2 and more of "Favourite numbers" it is necessary to send the corresponding quantity of SMS messages.
  • To replace one of "favourite number" with another number it is necessary for you:
    To dial USSD order: *2009#old favourite number#new favourite number#


  • Send the SMS to number 2009: old favourite number [gap] new favourite number to 2009

You can add or replace "favourite number" VIA SMOS:

  • Follow the link: http://ecare.babilon-m.tj
  • Enter your number, the password, and press the Login button.
  • Find in the list of the services "Favourite Numbers" and act according to the instruction.


  1. The subscribers with these tariff options can use the service "Favourite Numbers": "Dastras", "Foidanok", "ODDI", "Mahsus", "Faol", "Bobaror" and "Tojiron".
  2. Call within network - 0 somoni, call to other operators of RT - 50% of a tariff, at the same time all other types of discounts don't affect.
  3. When Shifting a tariff with 6 favourite numbers to a tariff with 5 favourite numbers, 5 last added numbers remain.
  4. When Shifting TO with favourite numbers to TO without favourite numbers, all favourite numbers are removed.
  5. One USSD order or one SMS inquiry allow to add only one "Favourite number".
  6. In TO with a monthly fee in the presence of "Favourite numbers" are calling within network with paid minutes aren't spent, "Favourite numbers" to other operators are rated from 50% by a discount, after the termination of the paid minutes.

The price:

  1. Monthly fee is not applied.
  2. The discount for "Favourite numbers" in TO "Mahsus" works after free minutes.
  3. Addition or replacement of everyone of "Favourite number" charges - 4,50 somoni taking into account an excise and the VAT.
  4. SMS to number 2009 -FREE OF CHARGE.

It is possible to listen to information about this service by phone: 3007 (Call free).

If you have any additional questions, you can contact to the call center of our company by number: ‎918 61-61-61.

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