Agroinvestbank SMS-banking

Launching SMS-banking in JSC "Agroinvestbank"

Service «SMS-banking" is a technology of remote banking service and alerts, providing anytime access to accounts and transactions using a mobile phone number, pre-registered customers in the bank. SMS service - Banking does not require a constant check at an ATM, on receipt of your funds.

The owner of a plastic card at any time can get information about the account and card expiry date, to react to unauthorized actions with his account and, if necessary, to lock or unlock it. To activate the service «SMS-banking "the holder of this card (subscriber) CJSC Babilon - Mobile must apply in person and sign an additional Agroinvestbank agreement on securing his credit card to the specified mobile phone number. Payment SMS-banking service is made in accordance with the Bank's tariffs in force at the date of use. Incoming SMS messages are free for the subscriber.

Subscribers of "Babilon Mobile" should:
  1. For information on the balance on the current account debit card, send an SMS message text - balance XXXX to number 6868. In response to SMS request is a message with the information about balance on the card.
  2. To lock the card enough to send SMS message with text - deactive XXXX to number 6868. In response to SMS request you receive Message blocking the card.
  3. In the case of incorrect card lock to unlock it to send an SMS message with the text - active XXXX to the number 6868. In reply to SMS message request you will receive SMS with unlocking card.
  4. For information on exchange rates, you need to send an SMS message with the text - rate XXXX to number 6868. In response to SMS request is a status message exchange rates for current period.

* The text of the message XXXX - is the last four digits of your credit card.
This service is available to all mobile operators RT cardholders "Agroinvestbank".
The cost of sending SMS-messages to the number 6868-FREE.

If you have any additional questions, you can contact to the call center of our company by number: ‎918 61-61-61.

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