SMS Banking with JSC "KazKom - Tajikistan"

Babilon-Mobile company in cooperation with JSC Kaz Kom-Tajikistan launched the service "SMS banking".With the service "SMS banking", the owner of plastic card at any time will be able to receive information on the account and period of validity of the card, in time to react to unauthorized actions with its account and in case of need to block it.

To become the user of the services SMS Banking from JSC Kaz Kom-Tajikistan, you can:
  • subscribing to the service "SMS banking" on portal:
  • Using the Call-Center of JSC Kaz Kom-Tajikistan on phone.: +992 (44) 620-40-40
Service includes two types of service:
"Active services" and SMS notification"

By means of the service "Active Services", you will be able independently to control replenishment and account operations on a card by means of sending the Sms for number 98 714 70 00.

With service "SMS notification": You will be able automatically to receive information on all performed operations on card by means of SMS notifications on your mobile phone:
• The SMS notification by all the cards (if at you it is some of them) or on one;

It is necessary for subscribers of JSC Babilon-Mobile:
  1. For information about the cash balance on the current account of plastic card, send an SMS message with the text - balXXXX in room 714 98 70 00.
  2. For receiving a mini-extract about the last 10 operations on a card to send Sms with the text of stmxxxx to number 98 714 70 00.
  3. For blocking of the card it is enough to send the Sms with the text of blockxxxx to number 98 714 70 00.
* In the text of the message of XXXX are four digits of Your plastic card.
  • The cost of sending Sms to number 98 714 70 00, is rated as 1 SMS according to your tariff option.
  • Incoming Sms for subscriber are free.
  • Fee of SMS Banking is made according to the Tariffs of Bank operating for date of use.

If you have any additional questions, you can contact to the call center of our company by number: ‎918 61-61-61.

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