VKontakte (http://0.vk.com)
Text version of social network "VKontakte"

All subscribers of "Babilon-Mobile" can communicate with social network "Vkontake" absolutely free of charge! Free access is provided to the facilitated version of a social network, located at the address: http://0.vk.com. The facilitated http://0.vk.com all services of a social network (an exchange of messages, search of friends, updating of the status and B'day), except multimedia of contents(photo,audio,video) are available to subscribers.When you click the tab with a picture, video or audio or by going to the mobile version m.vk.com or any other site, you shall be issued warning: "The page to which you go, can have contents which will be rated as usual use of the mobile Internet!" At transition confirmation, the traffic is rated according to a tariff option of subscriber.

Free on site charging http://0.vk.com not available in roaming.

Text version of the website may not be available for browser Opera Mini. Besides, now if you don't have opportunity stay online, it is possible to remain with the friends of VKontakte by means of the SMS!

SMS notifications:

The service of free SMS notifications allowing to KNOW about the DELIVERED personal messages and news of communities on which you are signed is available to users of VKontakte.


It is necessary to bind number of your mobile phone to your account of VKontakte. For this purpose visit website VKontakte to address http://vk .com under the login and the password, pass into the section "My Settings" and on the General tab find Number of Your Phone point. After input of phone number Sms with a confirmation code which needs to be entered into a special window on the site of VKontakte will come to it. In the section "My Settings" pass to the Notifications tab and find the Notifications through the SMS point. Put it tick "to Receive SMS notifications" and adjust parameters of obtaining notifications as it is convenient to you. You can choose frequency of notifications and users, about whose messages you will receive notifications. To receive notifications about news of communities on which you are signed, it is necessary: to subscribe for news of community interesting to you in network of VKontakte; Go to official website of community into the Internet; to find a widget of VKontakte onsite and to put in it a tick "To subscribe for SMS".

Pay attention that this function is available only to those communities which installed a widget of VKontakte on the official website.

Cost and other conditions

The service "SMS notifications" is provided for all subscribers free of charge.
Notifications about the received personal messages come from short service number 5605.
Notifications about news of communities come from short service number 5606.

SMS answers:

After receiving notification of a personal message, you can respond to it by sending a reply SMS-message to number 5605, starting out with the prefix specified in the notification. The text of answer to the personal message will appear in the corresponding dialogue in the section "My Messages".

How to activate/deactivate:

Opportunity/closing of possibility of sending "SMS answers" is provided along with activate/deactivate of service "SMS notifications".

The price

The cost of each outgoing message on short service number 5605 is equal to cost of sending a usual Sms in network according to your tariff option.

Placement of records on your wall

You can place any text on your wall of VKontakte, send it by SMS to short service number 5606.

If you have any additional questions, you can contact to the call center of our company by number: ‎918 61-61-61.

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