The launch of SMS exchange with Facebook and Twitter
The launch of SMS exchange with Facebook and Twitter
  1. "Babilon-mobile" company launched new service which allows users of world-famous social networks to be always in touch with friends. The new service will allow subscribers who have an account in Facebook and Twitter to get to their phones SMS notification on current updates on their page.
  2. Now it is available to our subscribers receiving notifications of new messages and comments from personal page in Facebook and Twitter on their mobile phones in form of SMS messages, if they are not online.

The service allows to receive notifications about updates on your page and your friends' pages and reply to them via SMS. SMS notifications will be sent to your phone from short numbers Facebook 3266500 - 3266540. To reply to the message by clicking on "Reply to message" on your phone.

Service SMS-Notifications Facebook is free of charge.

The cost of outgoing SMS-messages to 3266500-3266540 equal to the cost of usual outgoing SMS within network according to your tariff option. Incoming SMS messages are free.

Activate SMS notifications at the following address:

SMS notifications from Facebook and Twitter receive in the following cases, if:

  • users will publish news on your wall
  • write comments on your news
  • post photos and allocates you in this picture
  • add comments to Your photos
  • want to add you as a friend
  • write private messages to you and if you didn't go to the site more than 60 days, only in this cases you will receive SMS notification

All SMS notifications interactive. For example, you can send "like" if you liked comment or "add" to add the user. In SMS the event, and also the link will be specified, clicking on which you will be able to immediately see the event about which it shall notify "Babilon-Mobile". When the link is clicked, the subscriber will be redirected to the mobile version of Facebook or Twitter while Internet traffic will be charged according to the current tARIFF OPTION.

To ACTIVATE the service it is necessary to register the phone number in settings of mobile version of the Facebook and Twitter page. In the same place it is possible to choose, in what cases the subscriber will receive notifications on his mobile phone: if somebody add comments to your wall on page or in group , replies to your comments or receive messages from other users.

If you have any additional questions, you can contact to the call center of our company by number: ‎918 61-61-61.

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