Transliteration - accurate transmission writing marks to another script signs.The Russian transliteration practice sometimes referred to as the transfer of foreign words by Russian graphics.

Some subscribers of mobile networks prefer to write SMS to their native language using Latin letters (Translit (the name made an abbreviation for "transliteration") - the transfer of Russian text in Latin letters, sometimes numbers and other available signs.So we can call Russian text typed in Latin letters), which was originally due to lack of support for Cyrillic telephones.

With the wide distribution Russified phones - a habit, as well as the fact that the Latin alphabet can write longer SMS(160 signs instead of 70 in Cyrillic alphabet)for the same money. For example: Ya napisal...

  • Activate transliteration: *104*1#
  • Deactivate transliteration: *104*0#
  • Check status: *104#.

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