Tariff options "Makhsus"
Single paymentsPrices in Somoni
Activation of new cell phone number1
Advanced payment for communication service4
Total amount of single payments35
Monthly paymentsPrices in Somoni
Monthly fee

35 / 30

Paid traffic

150 / 250


150 / 400

Voce and video callsMon - Fri
8:00 - 20:00
Other time
All incoming calls0
Outgoing video calls within network0,070,06
Outgoing voice calls within network0,300,20
Outgoing calls to NGN network of Babilon-T0,300,25
Outgoing calls to other mobile networks0,300,25
Outgoing calls in Tajikistan0,300,25
SMS and MMS messages
All incoming message0
Outgoing SMS/MMS within network0,180,15
Outgoing SMS/MMS to other mobile networks0,2260,21
International SMS/MMS message0,500,50
Data transfer (3G-UMTS, GPRS, WAP) per 1 МБайт of total traffic0,700,70

If you wish to change the existing tariff plan, please click the following link: Changing of tariff plan

Service titles
  • The number of "favorite numbers" - 6
  • Charging per minutes;
  • Non tariffing threshold not applied.
  • Deactivation threshold - 0,00 somoni
  • With zero balance available to incoming voice calls and SMS-messages for 90 days.
  • All prices are noted in national currency somoni including VAT and excise tax.