Tariff options "Bobaror"
Single paymentsPrices in Somoni
Activation of new cell phone number1
Advanced payment for communication service4
Total amount of single payments128
Monthly paymentsPrices in Somoni
Monthly fee123
Paid traffic

500 / 1100


500 / 2500

Voce and video callsMon - Fri
8:00 - 20:00
Other time
All incoming calls0
Outgoing video calls within network00
Outgoing voice calls within network0,100,05
Outgoing calls to NGN network of Babilon-T0,150,10
Outgoing calls to other mobile networks0,200,18
Outgoing calls in Tajikistan0,200,18
SMS and MMS messages
All incoming message0
Outgoing SMS/MMS within network0,050,03
Outgoing SMS/MMS to other mobile networks0,050,03
International SMS/MMS message0,500,50
Data transfer (3G-UMTS, GPRS, WAP) per 1 МБайт of total traffic0,300,30

If you wish to change the existing tariff plan, please click the following link: Changing of tariff plan

Service titles
  • The number of "favorite numbers" - 5
  • Charging per minutes
  • Non tariffing threshold not applied.
  • Deactivation threshold - 0,00 somoni
  • With zero balance available to incoming voice calls and SMS-messages for 90 days.